For students in the 2016 curriculum, it is recommended to complete a career oriented internship as a “Holiday Elective Course” (Ferien Wahlfächer) over 4 weeks employed full time, which counts as 6 ECTS, see §9.


To simplify the proceedings, the form below should be filled in and submitted to the Head of the Curricular Commision.

  1. Prior to the beginning of the Internship, the intent to complete an internship, and the corresponding institution (firm, agency, …) should be reported to the Head of the Curricular Commision via the form below. A short description of the anticipated functions should also be included.
  2. After fulfilling the internship, the responsible institution needs to confirm completion via the form. Any changes in the student’s functions should also be noted there.
  3. The form should then be submitted to the Head of the Curricular Commision for final a confirmation.
  4. The internship also needs to be added to Plus-Online. The way to do this is described here.
  5. Finally when the application for the Masters Degree is submitted, the form and the confirmation from Plus-Online, should be presented along with all other relevant documents to the Department of Exams (Prüfungsreferat).