Scientific Work on Technology and its Applications.

DoktoratThe doctorate degree is the last and highest step of the scientific education in the department and advances the students to do independent scientific work. Within the scope of the thesis, which is often carried out on financed projects, new contributions are built on topical current research projects in computer sciences. Then the results of these works are generally  published in international technical periodicals or congressional contributions. Beside working on the thesis, special lectures and seminars must also be attended within the doctorate study. The doctoral candidates conclude with the thesis defence in which they are questioned  by a board about their work.


Degree from a relevant technical school or FH(eventually with documentation)

6 Semester
Doctor of Technical Science (Dr. techn.)
  • Developing innovative methods
  • Acquire new insights and connections
  • Publications in Scientific Journals
  • Completion of a dissertation
Possible Careers
  • Highly qualified technical careers
  • University Teaching
  • Science, research and development (R&D)