The dissertation (see Curriculum § 1 (1)) provides further development on the path to becoming a fully fledged researcher. It can be done in German or English.

The workload - aside from a variety of courses with a cumulative workload of 30 ECTS - is 150 ECTS for creating the dissertation (see curriculum § 2). Finally this concludes with a disertation defense (see curriculum § 6).

List of current Dissertations

Markus Flatz: Nonnegative Tensor Factorization: Algorithms and Parallelization (EN)

Michael Gadermayer: Dealing with Image Degradations in Computer Based Texture Classification with Focus on Medical Imaging (DE/EN)

Oliver Gebauer: Modell und Entwicklung einer autonom fahrenden Eisenbahn (DE)

Peter Palfrader: Straight Skeletons (EN)

Thomas Gräupl:  Analysis, Design and Evaluation of the User Plane Quality-of-Service Protocols in Future Terrestrial Digital Aeronautical Communication Systems (DE)

Finished Dissertations

Sebastian Hegebart: On the Computer Assisted Diagnosis of Endoscopic Data with Indication for Celiac Disease