Scientific Career Training With an Emphasis on Practical Applications


The computer science and information management teaching degree has plenty of space for creativity and individuality. With a well rounded training in teaching computer science, educational studies, practical school teaching experience, and through the chosen secondary subject, this program is the base of an interesting and varied education for the future teacher. But it's not just about gaining the technical knowledge. A further central theme is to instill social competence, which is very important in this career.

The majority of the material are the core subjects (networks, programming, operating systems, etc.), software design, interdisciplinary EDP project management, and teaching and learning computer science. Subject to one's own interests, the following modules are available to deepen one's knowledge in a variety of topics: multimedia and computer graphics, network technologies, and distributed systems.

Note: As of winter semester 2013, the teaching degree program has been split into a bachelor and master degree.

Degree Type Study Length Certificate
Bachelor 8 Semester Bachelor of Education
Master 4 Semester Master of Education