Why study with us?

As an overarching concept, our computer science degree offers competence in problem solving. The most important tools to this end are, programming, abstract thinking, and understanding concepts of information theory, software design, and mathematics. We don't churn out "Code-Monkeys", rather we educate highly qualified and specialized employees. The methods and concepts taught here, are independent from the current state of technology and tools. This means that our students will find it easy to adjust to any changes in the area of computer science, and even delve into and gain qualifications on subjects they are interested in while studying.

Our bachelor- and master students are also supported through our flexible module system to pursue their own interests. Practical projects teach them technical skills such as, problem analysis, creative problem solving, and software design and specification, and other important skills for computer science and life in generally such as, organization, project management, presentation,communication, and teamwork.

This combination of various skills makes our graduates excellent employees in a vast variety of areas .

Our graduate's competence is not tied to a specific technology or company. Rather the core concepts of problem solving on abstract and conceptual levels, tied together with practical implementation, allow them to fit into any area with ease.