Young Investigators Award 2023 for Tijn de Vos

Tijn received this award for their work on distributed quantum computing. Together with Joran van Apeldoorn, they developed a new framework to employ parallel quantum query algorithms in the CONGEST model. They use this framework to break multiple classical lower bounds, including cycle detection, girth computation, meeting scheduling, and element distinctness. In particular, they show a novel exponential separation for exact CONGEST algorithms by solving a distributed version of the Deutsch-Jozsa problem. The corresponding paper can be found here: > A Framework for Distributed Quantum Queries in the CONGEST Model <

Tijn de Vos is fourth year PhD-student under supervision of Prof. Dr. Forster. They completed their master's in Mathematics at the University of Amsterdam with a focus on graph theory. Now they research graph algorithms in a broad sense. They explore problems on networks in various settings, including distributed models of computation, dynamic graphs, and quantum computing. Their favorite type of problem is one that is easy to state, hard to solve, and finally resolving into an elegant solution.

Young Investigators Award 2023