Start your journey with our Computer Science Master's Degree

Starting from October 2023, the University of Salzburg (PLUS) will offer an English-language Master's program in "Computer Science," thereby unlocking opportunities for international students aspiring for top-notch education.

An efficient selection process will be introduced to assess both the academic and linguistic prerequisites. Graduates of the Computer Science Bachelor's program and the Computer Science and Management for Teaching Bachelor's program at PLUS can be admitted without undergoing the selection process. The Master's program builds upon a relevant Bachelor's degree and presents mandatory courses alongside a range of elective modules spanning various domains of computer science.

A semester abroad, which does not affect the overall study duration, is recommended. A Master's thesis is an integral part of the curriculum and can be developed within a university-based or industry-supported research project. The program culminates in a Master's examination. Interested individuals can reach out to the university's Student Affairs Department.

Further information regarding the new Computer Science Master's program can be found here: Master's Degree Programmes