Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Luca Debiasi B.Eng.'s Project 

"Exploiting Image Sensor Data in Biometric Systems and Mobile Applications"

Barrierefreiheit: Kurzbeschreibung des Bildes

Nowadays, with a matching smartphone app, anyone can merge two faces. This process is also known as face morphing. In most cases, the application is harmless, but if a morphed image is used in a passport, for example, it poses a significant risk to public safety. Therefore, we have developed a system that allows the recognition of morphed images by means of sensor noise (PRNU, photo response non-uniformity).

DI Dr. Luca Debiasi is currently working as Chief Solutions Architect at Synthetic Dimension GmbH. During his doctoral studies at the University of Salzburg, he focused on the use of image sensor data in biometric systems and mobile applications. He adapted various methods from digital image forensics to increase the security of biometric systems and prevent attacks on them. This includes, for example, ensuring the authenticity of sensor data and the recognition of manipulated and artificially generated images. At the University of Salzburg, he has worked on problems in various areas of image processing within the framework of several national (FFG, FWF) and international projects (EU Horizon 2020) as well as in cooperation with various companies. This cooperation resulted in numerous and high-quality publications, which were presented at international conferences and published in renowned professional journals.

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