Mathematik Bridge Course and Orientation

The mathematic level varies quite often, dependent on school type, subject focus, and many other factors. Our Mathematics bridge course should ensure that all our students start on equal Mathematik footing.  

As part of the Orientation Lecture on Thursday, 1 October 2020, a link to a mathematics test will be distributed.  Please take your time at home (around 1 hour) to take the test, and check your answers with the solutions that are also available online. 

This should give you a determination of you current mathematics knowledge, and will serve as a guide. For a score lower than 50%, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the Mathematics Bridge course we offer.

The course will be held from Monday (5th Oct, 2020) until Friday (9th October, 2020) each afternoon. 

The advantage of this course to refresh and deepen your mathematics knowledge. 

Mathematics Bridge Course

Winter Semester 2020/21





Monday 5.10.2020 13:00-18:00 T01 (JAK2 EG 0.01) and online
Tuesday 6.10.2020 13:00-18:00 T01 (JAK2 EG 0.01) and online 
Wednesday 7.10.2020 14:00-19:00 T01 (JAK2 EG 0.01) and online
Thursday 8.10.2020 14:00-19:00 T01 (JAK2 EG 0.01) and online
Friday 9.10.2020 13:00-18:00 T01 (JAK2 EG 0.01) and online

Further information can be found on Plusonline.

Finally we would like to wish you a successful start to your studies and we look forward to meeting you!