subnet TALK am 17.5.2017

Das HCI-Center veranstaltet am 17.5.2017 einen Talk zum Thema "The hedonic body – framing virtuality sound-gestures, the body & post-digital culture".


Werner Jauk

Werner Jauk is professor at the University of Graz, head of "pop/music + media/art" working on music as role model for media arts & post-digital lives. Founder of "grelle musik" (together with Doris Jauk-Hinz) - working in an institutional as well as in an independent space. After studies in cybernetics, experimental aesthetics and digital music (KFUG / KUG / IRCAM), his arts-based research is focused on emotional gesture-interfaces creating material worlds by immaterial codes. Scientific and artistic experiments in sound- and auditory-studies published in international journals, presented at various festivals (Biennale di Venezia / ArsElectronica / Steirischer Herbst / Spring-Festival / ICMWT 2014 - Beijing / TransMediaAkademie... at last: Art+Science - Belgrade / Shape-Festival Dresden)


The lecture-performance will focus on the hedonic auditory body framing digital worlds, on sound-gestures as emotional interfaces creating adaptive environments shaped by soundscapes. Performative samples of auditory media-art studies will try to make experienceable bridging the gap between science and art - both having epistemological interests. Soundbased emotional interaction will turn the idea of modernism of social "feasibility" to a policy of intimacy - to a homeostatic life of the hedonic body with virtualities based on emotional partnership.