Mouna Kacimi (Free University of Bolzano)



Exploiting Knowledge Facets for Enhanced Information Search


Wo / Wann:

29.04.2016, 15:30, Raum T06, Fachbereich Computerwissenschaften



Search results about a given query topic are typically unstructured making it hard to understand the relationships between the different sources of information. Thus, there is a need for organizing search results to help users to (1) gain more insights about query topics, and (2) have an easy access to information sources that trigger their interests. This is particularly helpful for ambiguous queries or faceted topics that involve a variety of sub-topics, meanings, versions, arguments, opinions, and many other aspects. In this talk, I present techniques that exploit existing knowledge bases to enhance information search. I first show how to exploit Wikipedia for query expansion and search results diversification. Then, I proceed with the organization of information sources allowing an effective navigation through knowledge facets.