Currently there are 3 Curricula for the Masters Program.

  • Masters Program Computer Science (Informatik) (Applies as of 1. Oktober 2016, Correction of equivalence list)
  • Masters Program Computer Science ( Informatik) (Version 2015)
  • Masters Program Applied Computer Science (Angewandte Informatik) (Version 2009)

The new updated Masters Program Computer Science is in effect as of 1.10.2016.

Master students on the old Curricula (Computer Science 2015 and Applied Computer Science 2009) must finish their degree by the 30.09.2018 or can freely switch before to the new Masters Programs Computer Science via written irrevocable declaration to the admissions department.

Recognition Regulation

In regards to switching to the 2016 curriculum, exams are recognized as stated in the linked recognition regulation (PDF Anerkennungsverordnung). This means no other formal steps are necessary for this recognition. Furthermore, individual recognitions remain possible.