Curriculum 2016

For students on the 2016 curriculum, it is recommended to complete a career oriented internship as a “Holiday Elective Course” (Ferien Wahlfächer) over 4 weeks employed full time, which counts as 6 ECTS, see §9 .


To simplify the proceedings, one should fill out the form below, and hand it in to the Head of the Curricular Commision.

  1. Before the start of the internship, the intent to start an internship and the intended institution should be reported to the Head of the Curricular Commision, using the form below ( Praxisformular). This should include a short description of the tasks to be undertaken.
  2. After completion of the internship, the hosting institution should also sign the form for completion. Any changes in tasks should also be briefly listed.
  3. To add an internship to PLUSonline you have to enroll in the course „Praxis Bachelorstudium Informatik“.
  4. For the final confirmation, please submit the form to the Head of the Curricular Commission, afterwards you will receive a grade. (mit Erfolg teilgenommen)
  5. Keep the confirmation form for the application for your Bachelor Degree.